Me, Myself and I-My Journey to Christ

In grade school I wasnt nessessarly the most popular kid at school. I wasnt able to engage socially with my classmates and my friends were not the best influence.

I was at a house party when I was fifteen. It was my first time me being drunk and I was pretty loud and outgoing. My friend Adam, a 230 pound kid used to pick out my flaws and use them against me. One of my good friends, James would help me deal with issues that I had with Adam.

Me being drunk James was helping me downstairs to help me sleep. I eventually talked to him about some of the situations that I had about Adam such as bullying me being smaller than me. I was thinking Adam was taking advantage because of his size and stature. Adam was on his thirteenth beer and I asked him if he could stop making fun of me and Adam told me that I was wasting my breath. I was extremely upset that my good friend would do that to me. James went and talk to Adam and they were about to get into physical violence. Eventually, James left. While I was sleeping, Adam went and kicked me in the stomach screaming “WHAT THE **** DID YOU SAY TO JAMES.” I was confused and a little started. I was confused on why he did that and he said it again. He pulled out his knife that he was sharpening all summer and pointed it at me. He takes his pocket knife, closed it and threw it at my face saying he didnt need it. He grabs his phone and as he was grabbing it he says, “Look at you, you’re pathetic,” talking down to me while I was crying and scared for my life. Adam grabs the phone and calls James. Adam gave the phone to me so I can “Apologise for my actions.” After that happened, I think that there was three cop cruisers came. I dont remember what happened next.


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