Broken Bodies

Have you ever broken a bone? I thankfully haven’t. I do remember a story when my mom told me that she was riding her bicycle to the grocery store. What she was told to do was to retrieve a 10lb bag of potatoes and take it back home. She told me that she hit a bump while going down the hill and she fell to the side. Meanwhile, the bag of potatoes has fallen on her arm and she had to have a plate on it. 


While there is many stories on broken bones, as you may know, we ourselves are indeed broken. So as the Body of Christ, as we are seen in His own image, the division in the Body of Christ is indeed broken. While following this theory, if anyone has been following Rick Warrens story, you would know that Rick Warren has lost his son to suicide. While a lot of Christians saying negative things about the eternal salvation of his son Matthew (awesome name) but bringing up Rick Warrens theology, his flaws, and his beliefs at one of the most crucial times in Rick Warrens life.

Can disagreements about theology steer away from the actual person?

Lets back up and go to the illustration on my mom for a moment. In the body of believers, there is a sense of disconnect like a bag of potatoes have been dropped on it. Something (could be spiritually) has dropped on that person and made a personal disconnect with other believers, their theology, and or them as a person. I know personally, I am personally guilty with it. I remember being theology my key factor and what I held on for me being a Christian. I had to be right. That was my key thing was to be the person who was accepted by leadership, by “spiritual leaders,” and or to make myself feel “great.” It is such a lie.

What can we do on the person. 

Mark 12:31 states it all, we love our neighbours as ourselves. Love is not a battle who is right or wrong. Love is showing somebody that we care for and their families well being, regardless on who is right or wrong. It is about showing compassion to people that have experienced a gain, or a loss. 

Proverbs 17:17 A friend loves at ALL times and a brother is born for adversity.

Lets change our ways and be all the brothers and sisters of Christ that we should be


About Equip The Truth
Christian, trying to love God the best I can. In here you are going to find my history and I am going to attempt to preach the gospel. I am a Child and Youth Worker student and trying to be a future for children. Lets start young and show them the love that was given to us

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