Value Menu: Is it a Deal?

I am going to be a straight shooter. I love fast food. I used to eat fast food all the time when I worked at my old job. Its easy, convenient, and hey, it taste good right? I find fast food a cheap route and a fast way to get food because I like the fact that when I was late for work I can just rush, get some food, and go to work without worrying about being late. Plus, the prices on the value menus were amazing. I valued having fast food at my own convenience whenever I felt like buying it. It would usually be once a week and surprisingly enough I didn’t gain any weight (sorry folks).

Have you ever thought about a value meal? Seems to be strange to think about, but everyday on the week there is always something different every single day and its good for your buck. But the question is, what about your health? Seems obvious I know, but the food that you intake at a fast food restaurant is not doing any value for your body. Now take that same illustration and relate that to God. God wants the best for you, does he?

In Exodus 32, its the story of the Golden Calf. If you had not read the story or unfamiliar with it its basically people with the possessions that they had (i.e, jewels, earrings ect) and made a calf into it. Then, the people started worshipping it. Meanwhile, Moses was spending time with God and God was furious for what he has seen.

Exodus 32:9-10 And the Lord said to Moses, “I have seen this people, and behold, it is a stiff-necked people. Now therefore let me alone, that my wrath may burn hot against them and I may consume them, in order that I may make a great nation of you.”

Now, I don’t know about you but God does not mess around and God does not change His mind. If you were in that position of wrath upon “Moses people” (reason why I said that is because if you looked at the scripture, you will find that God disowns the people worshipping the calf in verse 7) would you be afraid? What would you do? Moses automatic response was to pray and God responds to prayer. Keep in mind, God is God and God does not change His mind, however God responds to prayer. That is when God showed the gracious side of Himself and He did not put wrath upon “Moses people.”

In the next few weeks I am going to talk about idolatry. I went up to a friend of mine and asked about a subject that I can write on. Pastor Timothy Keller stated this quote “Anything in your life that is so central to your life that you cant have a meaningful life if you lose it.” It could be anything at all. I am over the next few weeks going to break down many different idols that people face. Some idols that I see or some idols that I am experiencing for myself. I will therefore come to my Exodus 32 and wrap it up. I hope you are ready for future blogs that I do, because not only that I will have fun doing them but I really want to explore your ideas.

What is your idol?