I Caught You!!

I have probably seen the most disturbing thing when I was in the mens washroom at the mall. THE MOST DISTUBING THING. I was washing my hands and this middle aged man with the door open, which is fine. HOWEVER, (again repeating myself) the guy forgot to lock the door and he was butt naked. How I could see is that he was right behind me and I looked in the mirror. I was disgusted, and probably scarred for life. AND I AM NOT KIDDING.

How many times have you made a mistake and people are so quick to point it out? There will be people in that situation who would make that mistake would make rude comments or blurt something out (I for example had the most disgusted look on my face). We are so quick to make ourselves look better than the other person.

Romans 3:23 For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

Seems like a popular verse doesn’t it? It is a verse that reminds us that we all make silly mistakes and we should not look down on others. We are just as bad, and we still try and be good.

This is leading onto my next point. People try to catch us as Christians and point the finger at us if we slip up or if we say something that is wrong. People are look at us different, some people point and laugh, make a mochary, and even dispise us for being Christians. I had a friend last year who will not talk to me anymore because I talk about Jesus. I also have a numerous amount of athiests try to  poke fun of me on Twitter for my belief in Jesus. What is your response to that?

1) Love. Experience the love from God. God loves you in such an amazing way its hard to fully comprehend. Transfer that same love to the other person.

2) Forgive. Remember, these people weather they realize it or not need Gods love. Realize that it is the rejection, the sin, and possibly people in their past that are angry. Look past the action and look at the heart.

3) Keep pursuing. Keep trying, not with just that person, but with others as well. There is “plenty of fish in the sea.” So…lets catch them.

So take up your cross daily and follow Him. There is days that we will be caught with your pants down. Pick them up and carry on with your day. Any thoughts? Any jokes? Anything at all please comment.