Is That Really Worth Ten Dollars?

My intro starts like this “Now let me tell you sumthin” – Taylor L.

Today, I was talking with some friends and I realize that by somebody’s foot that there was a ten dollar bill. Me, being a broke college kid needed the money (but I knew it wasn’t mine.) The sinner me was waiting for the person to leave so I can use it for food. When they left, I went and pick up the money.

My biggest problem in that moment is that I wasn’t trusting God. I wanted to keep the money because of my selfish tendencies.

Back to the story, they came back to look for the ten dollars. I wanted to keep it so bad because I thought it was mine. They started to leave and my brain just clicked, do I really want this on my conscience? Is this selling my soul for money? I have decided to give back the money to the person and she was happy. It made me feel better that someone else had the satisfaction then my greed.

See, God watches EVERYTHING. He knows your desires and he is constantly testing you. He knows what you want, but most importantly he wants you to trust Him. Everything will work out when you trust His abilities. He can do whatever. Ten dollars is ten dollars. God is eternity. My prayer is to focus on the future instead of the here and now.


Why things happen

Why does things have to not go someone’s way? Why does it have to be this way? Why why why? These why questions are potentially damaging. If you ask why, you are basically questioning what’s given you. For example, I’m dead broke. I barely have a job and I’m going to school. This is the least of my worries. I have my grandmothers boyfriend that has a car in which she paid for that he put on his ownership. So now I am unable to get rides to schools. Instead of the “why” questions, I need to ask Him the “what.” What are You doing, what are you trying to tell me, what do u want me to hear.

In conclusion, I shouldn’t be questioning a plan that was given to me. The plan is planned out, its that I have to choose what to do with the plan and how am I going to handle it. I just have to pray for wisdom and be more responsible. Its a pretty important lesson: to take whatever resources u have and utilize them to your abilities. When life gives u lemons, make lemonade. When I am not getting my own way, make the best of it. I should have nothing to complain about when the world is given to me.

The main reason why we complain is because that we as Western Civilization are greedy, needy, and really self centered. I want to do my very best to change that for myself and for others. We complain (me especially) about so much. If we just be, not necessary be happy all the time, but just understand what is God thinking we should be fine. Try to get inside of Gods head. People who read this would say “what in the blue hell is this kid talking about?” I’m saying try to be in a Jesus mind set, regardless on how bad ur situation is. Work on it, go day by day, and make the best possible circumstances with what you are able to do. Limitations are not possible with God. Trust Him.